Twitter display image. What size should it be?

This piece was correct at time of writing. It is now out of date. The arrangements for uploading Twitter pictures are now much more user-friendly than they were at the time this was written.

I’ve been on Twitter for a few months.

Like any new piece of software or application that you deal with day by day there is a learning curve  involved and the stuff which catches you out need not be all that complicated..

I make my living as a computer techie in a local school, I do lots of scripting, a bit of programming and I’m pretty handy with Photoshop. However when I wanted to change my Twitter picture I ran into unexpected problems!

Within Twitter settings the picture tab allows the uploading of your custom image together with some instructions. Now I guess nobody reads instructions much do they?

Got myself a little picture which I was pretty happy with. Uploaded, no problem. Trouble is my head or my feet kept being cropped off!

So what’s the answer? Read the instructions of course!! Near the bottom it says

“upload a square picture.”

Er, I didn’t read that, if I had I could have saved myself a lot of trouble but then I wouldn’t have written this little post!

As long as you upload a square picture it can be of any size. Twitter will kindly crop it down.

For those of a technical bent the size of the uploaded image should be 73×73 pixels. Then the image uploaded will be exactly the same as the one shown on your profile.

An apple a dayHere’s a nice red apple. Just happens to be the right size to be an exact fit for your Twitter picture upload 73×73.

Looks tasty! Time for tea and a biccie I think!

Oh and by the way there is a website right here which will do all the hard work for you. No need to worry about pixels or any of that stuff! Thanks to @__Gordon for the heads up. You can find him on Twitter Here!


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